Introducing zeromicro™


zeromicro™ produces zero net energy buildings filled with micro-unit dwellings
& the user-friendly technology to manage them.


The perfect union 

zeromicro™ is the perfect union of micro dwellings & zero net energy technology.


Courtesy of Specht Harpman

Live smaller and better in a zeromicro™ building

A zeromicro™ building satisfies the demand for small, comfortable, and affordable residential dwellings in urban areas.

01_micro_loft_rendering_thumb copy.png

Perfecting the quantified home

Each zeromicro™ dwelling is equipped with a zeromicro™ Super Smart Meter and Monitor, an integrated utility metering and monitoring technology that allows residents and building owners to track utility usage at a granular level. This all-in-one metering, monitoring, and dashboard system, with pre-pay option, offers an elegant, unified platform for utility providers, residential building managers, and customers.